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What is Gamitive Creative Studio?

Create and design playable ad and app store demo experiences in minutes with our Creative Studio and deploy them to major ad networks and social networks.
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Gamitive Creative Studio is simple, easy to understand. It's certainly a time-saver for app developers, creative designers and agencies.
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Ease of Usage
You can use the studio your own with no help. Allowing you more time for A/B testing and time to create more playable advertisements for different regions, countries, and languages.
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Doesn’t Require Code
It’s easy to build your own playable ad without codes. Build playable experiences that feel like your real app.

Our Solutions

In addition to Creative Studio, we provide three customized solutions to improve marketing KPI’s.

Playable ads results in higher conversion rates.

Targeted new users or your existing users to boost your marketing conversion rates.

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“The most powerful in-app ad experience”

Demo apps that can be launched instantly by users.

Increase engagement with your Android app and gain more installs by surfacing your instant app across the Play Store, Google Search, social networks, and anywhere you share a link.

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“Users can tap to try an app or game without installing it first.”

Enable users to take action directly from targeted e-mails.

Powered by Google's AMP technology, enable your users to book reservations , make payments , participate in surveys directly from the e-mail you just sent to them.

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“Email isn’t “just email” any more.”
Average satisfaction rating received in the past year
Our support experts are ready to assist anytime
The conversion rates of our Instant service is higher than the normal rates
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“We changed the game”

Integration Partners

Our Interactive and Playables ads are compatible with all major ad networks and social platforms including Facebook Audience Network, Google AdMob, IronSource, Unity Ads, Vungle, AdColony and Applovin.
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Unity Ads
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Plans & Pricing

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